The Mechanics Of Meditation

  • The #1 Secret To Mastering Meditation & Your Mindset.

    Most people think they can't meditate or they've tried and it doesn't work. Learn the super easy secret techniques to achieve meditation success to make those mindset shifts.

  • Optimize Your TIME & Get More Done.

    Increase your capacity to work through deadlines with ease while still finding a balance to have time for yourself & avoid burnout.

  • Understand How Your Brain Works & How To Actively Upgrade It.

    You've probably already heard the benefits of meditation. This program also offers a clear understanding on how through scientific research that will evidence how meditation affects your brain & physiology. 

  • Develop Superhuman Skills Through A Mental Workout.

    Enhance your performance, learn how to super-focus and become resilient against stress by elevating your emotional intelligence. 


Why This Course is Good for you?

  • 1. Do You Want To Overcome Your Busy, Racing Mind?

    Learn the skills that top performers and the most successful people in the world utilize to maintain focus, clarity and direction. 

  • 2. Would You Like A Modern Approach, Designed To Fit Your Busy Schedule?

    Meditation and breathing explained in a very modern way that bridges the gap between these ancient practices and modern science in an easy applicable way.

  • 3. Are You Ready To Become Resilient Over Stress & Anxiety?

    Learns techniques to overcome reactive habits both in any given moment and during difficult, high pressure or transitionary periods.

  • 4. Do You Want To Upgrade Your Performance?

    Your understanding of what you are doing and why you are doing it will serve as the foundation to make the how easier and the techniques much more effective. 


What This Course Includes:

  • Full 8 Week

    Online Program

    (Value $2000)

  • *Optional Add On -

    Bi-Weekly Mindset Coaching Sessions, Check-in's & On-Going Support

    (Value $1600)


  • Over a Dozen Recorded Guided Meditations

    (Value $250)

  • Go At Your Own Pace 

    With The Content


  • A Free Irie Soul Journal

    *First 5 People To Register

Total Value = $3850



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Whose Worked With Irie Soul 


Stacys meditation helps you to gain greater awareness over your thoughts, increase your focus and rebalance your mental state. Perfect for all levels of meditators with simple but powerful guided visualizations and meditative techniques she will leave you feeling calm, strong

Kevin Kwok

International Growth Manager

I’m happy I took this course! The weekly lessons are so detailed and I’ve learned so much about meditation. The lessons fit flexibly with my schedule & I was able to access the content at anytime. I usually get super stressed out and overwhelmed and the tools involved helped me learn how to pause, focus and silences all the things happening around me.  I highly recommend that everyone take this course it’s a great way to balance the mind and bring peace and calm to the hectic pace of life. 

Martika Philpots

Nursing Student

The course was perfect for me especially in this moment of my practice. Loving-kindness, gratitude and self compassion seem to be the highest form of practicing. You brought a balanced approach to the workshop. You made it accessible and personable. 

Michael J Ritchie

Human Being, Like You

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About Your Mindshift Meditation Coach 

My name is Stacy and I was just like you. 

I couldn't find a way to control my millions of thoughts that were non-stop, causing me to overthink and feel stressed out.  I wasn't able to enjoy the things happening right in front of me because I was either too in my head or just numbing myself out. 

I was also easily agitated and very reactive, especially to those I care about most. 


But that's not me anymore.  Most of the time I feel happy and grateful and I am more present in my interactions.  I am able to manage my reactions and am able to let go of the small stuff & focus on what's really important in life. 


I look forward to helping you shift your mindset!

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