The Confident Creatrix

Change Is Calling Your Name….

Because the world as we knew it is transforming right in front of our very eyes. And it's asking you to transform too.


Are you ready to find clarity and freedom to live a life of abundance on your terms?


Whatever you’re longing for, your own personal development, calling in a conscious partnership, a better relationship with yourself and your family, to find your calling, to shift from feeling anxiousness  and stress to vibrating higher. 

All the things money can’t buy is right here waiting for you.



I'll let you in on a little secret... do you know what's more scary than change?

It isn't the possible judgement or the deep soul-level shift.


What's terrifying is letting yet another opportunity to up-level pass you by. 


It's letting every dream, desire, and calling you've ever felt be pushed aside yet again.


It's living yet another year of your precious life Exactly. The. Same. In the same loop, making the same mistakes.

It's being presented with the chance for more and turning it down because you're afraid or don't think you're worth it.


Doing the Irie Soul-Work will help you achieve this by replacing your limiting fears with confidence.


  • Learning How To Transform Your Fear of Change and Begin to Attract Possibilities and Opportunities that Excite You, Motivate You, and Feel Like a Dream!

  • Turning-On The Confidence Magnet Inside You That Can Effortlessly Attract Abundance in ALL Aspects (Relationships, Finances, Experiences, Opportunities!)

  • Breaking Up With Bad Habits of Playing Small, Self-Sabotaging and Not Asking For More, As You Shift Into the Confident Creatrix That Lives Life On Her Own Terms.

  • Becoming Allies With Your Shadows and Beginning Healing Your Inner Child to Break Through the Fears That Have Been Holding You Stuck In Repetitive Cycles. 

  • Dropping the Expectations & Comparison of an Unfulfilled Life and Discovering What Really Makes YOU Happy

  • Falling Deeply Compassionately In Love With Yourself & Finding Everything You Need To Thrive.

  • Uncovering Your Passion and Purpose by Leaving Old Patterns of Limiting Beliefs and No Self-Love at the Door. 

  • And So Much More!


What Creatrix's Who've Done

The Irie Soul Work Are Saying....

The results of The Confident Creatrix program have been mind-blowing even for me!

Stacy I love you so much and I am so blessed to have joined your program, I came in with an open heart and mind and ended up discovering so much of my self and my passions in life . Through your program I was able to gain strength , confidence , self love, healing and so much more. I have already manifested tangible results that I still can't even believe! I am grateful to you and to this incredible platform forever xo

Nouran Ahmed

Confident Creatrix

The best part about this program is that I recognize and I honor myself now. I am driven and motivated to follow the path that really moves me. I understand that a part of me might be scared and I see my weaknesses as I see my strengths, and I know no matter what changes come into my life, I understand they are part of a bigger picture, they are part of my higher future self. I have the confidence to be authentic. This course gave me the tools to be grounded and reconnect with myself when life pulls me in different directions. It's helped to stay open and focused and it has brought connection with a wonderful group of women. The impact of this course will continue to have a ripple effect in my life and I am wholeheartedly grateful for that.

Paulina Infante

Confident Creatrix

This program came to my path when I was transitioning one of the most challenging times in my life. Creatirix gave me the knowledge and healing that I was actively looking for almost two years; for the first time, I acknowledged and honored myself, felt connected, grounded and whole, complete in every cell. All this shifted my perspective, realizing I don't need to look for anything else outside, I have everything I need to be happy, loved and be at peace with myself and everything around me. I am so grateful.

Diana Monroy

Confident Creatrix


The Irie Soul-Work

The Method Working From The Roots to Fruits of Abundance

Module 1:

Teachability Pt 1

Willingness to Change

Uncover What’s Been Holding You Back, Feeding Into Your Fears & Keeping You Stuck.

Module 2:

Teachability Pt.2

Willingness to Learn

Learn What We Weren't Taught About Our Personal Power's Of Manifestation & Creating In The 5D

​Module 3:

Irie Soul Blueprint

Mapping Your Vision

Clarifying & Creatrix’ing The Vision While Aligning With That Vibration.

Module 4:

Humanity Pt 1

Into The Shadow Work

Exploring The Shadow, The Ego & Your Limiting Beliefs.


Module 5:

Humanity Pt 2

Integrating The Shadows

How To Integrate the Shadow Work By Cultivating Tools For Self-Compassion. 

Module 6:

Humanity Pt 3

Healing The Inner Child

Working With The Shadows to Uncover & Begin To Heal At The Roots Of Our Limitations.

Module 7:


Your Individual Formula

Meeting Your True Self As There's No One Size Fits All Living According to Your Innate Nature.

Module 8:

Infinite Possibility


Empowering Choices & Non-Negotiables To Overcome Resistance  & Step Into Immediate ACTION


  • Quality Time For Yourself!
    Actual time and space to clearly define what freedom and joy feels like for You! As well as guidance into Self-Love, Self-Compassion & Self-Care practices which can 
    become part of your own healing repertoire that you can use for the rest of your life! 



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